How to Increase Life of Your Appliances By Cleaning

Most of us expect an average life from our home appliances, perhaps because we don’t know that they can last for much longer with proper cleaning. On the other hand, less cleaning may reversely decrease their life by forcing them to work harder. Since replacing an appliance or spending money on repairing may turn out to be costly, it’s always better to take some small steps of cleaning for increasing their life. In this article I want to talk about the proper ways of cleaning our home appliances:

Cleaning air quality appliances: Air cleaners Maytag Appliance Repair Los Angeles, humidifiers and purifiers usually operate for long time. Since goal of such appliances is to improve the quality and flow of air in our environment, it’s our responsibility to keep them clean. To keep them running smoothly we should change their filters and clean them for seasonal storage.
Cleaning coffee machines: I’m sure that you won’t say “NO” to a cup of coffee in the morning. But for preparing coffee it’s essential to keep your coffee machine in good condition. Coffee machines usually have shorter life in comparison to other appliances because we keep them “switched on” for most of the time. We also use them more frequently. To clean a coffee machine you should process it through a solution of white vinegar and water. Once you’ve done that, a few rinses of clean water will be enough for removing the mineral that hampers efficient operation of a coffee machine. Also if your coffee machine has automatic shut-off feature then make use of it and set it to a shorter period. Keeping coffee machine switched on even if you’re not in the mood of drinking coffee is certainly not a good idea.
Cleaning dishwashers: Some dishwashers come with in-built garbage disposal units for splitting the food particles into tiny pieces. If your dishwasher lacks such unit then it’ll be better to remove food scraps from your dishes before loading them into dishwasher. You should also take care of its door seal periodically. If dirt starts building up on seal then clean and get rid of it before it takes the figure of mold. Also ensure that seal isn’t broken or loose because it may lead to undesired leakage. In case of leakage change the seal as soon as possible.
Cleaning dryers: Let’s face it – most of us are habitual of overloading our dryers. I would like to tell you that this way we do nothing instead of decreasing their life. First of all, overloading the dryer doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to save time. Of course, you won’t have to load it multiple times. But you don’t realize that an overstuffed dryer takes longer time in drying. Second, when we overload our dryer it doesn’t get enough space for air flow, which may ultimately tax the motor. So I’ve only one advice for maintenance of your dryer – please don’t overload it.

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