Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Although keeping your refrigerator up to par may seem like an easy task, you’re going to need to do a whole lot more than simply wiping out the grime from the inside. If you’re in the restaurant business, then keeping your fridges running at the right temperatures isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. In the restaurant business, making sure that your refrigerators and freezers and working at precisely the right temperature can sometimes call for the assistance of a used restaurant equipment service vendor. However, if you’d prefer to take a look at it first, here’s what to look for lg refrigerator repair pasadena.

Making sure that the condenser oils are clean is a major factor in ensuring that your refrigerator is functioning properly. You can check the status of these by locating the cord, which should be either behind or underneath the refrigerator. After you locate the cord, make sure that it’s dust-free. Keeping this cord free of dust will dramatically increase its lifespan, saving you energy and money in the future. If you’re having trouble locating this cord, or the cord seems damaged beyond repair, contact a used restaurant equipment dealership and inquire about their refrigeration services. They will be able to locate and fix the problem within no time at all.

Most refrigerators, especially retail refrigerators used in large restaurants, will have a drip pan and drain hole. You can perform maintenance on your fridge by frequently emptying and cleaning out both the drip pan and drain hole. Often, these can become quickly built up with dust, mineral particles and dirt, so make sure that you clean these out at least every two weeks. Make sure to scrub out the drain pan before replacing it – by doing this, you’ll ensure that your fridge runs smoothly over the next couple of weeks. If this seems like too grotesque a job for you, contacting a used restaurant equipment service can easily clean both the drain hole and pan. The important thing is to make sure that this just gets done.

If your refrigerator at your restaurant has an ice maker or a water dispenser, taking care of the water filter is critical to ensure that the quality of your beverages is at par. You can clean the water filter by changing the filter at least every six months, or more depending on the amount of use the dispenser gets. If you don’t replace the filter, here’s something that will convince you to change it: Water that goes through a dirty filter is dirtier than unfiltered water. Still seem like too gross of a task to do? Get a hold of your local used restaurant equipment service – they’ll be happy to replace your filter.

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